Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another list for your enjoyment.

So, I am kind of the queen of lists and I think it has been far too long since you've had one from for your enjoyment (and not because I'm stressed at all..) None of the things (Praxis aside) are stressful. Most are quite exciting and fun; however, they all fall within the same week, which kind of makes my head spin.

The crazy list of things that will happen in the next week and a half:

Thursday 3-11-10
Wynton Marsalis and Lincoln Center Jazz concert

Friday 3-12-10
Pay bills
study for Praxis II
FJC @ Scarpino's

Saturday 3-13-10: 
Praxis II @ 7:30am

Sunday 3-14-10:
FRI stuff
Lunch wity Bronwen and Cameron @ Red Robin after church
Spray paint a sheet blue! (program)

Monday 3-15-10
BREAK and GOSSIP GIRL premier! (Stoked!!)

Tuesday 3-16-10:
UofA Intern Seminar 4:00pm
2nd Grade Program 6:00pm

Wednesday/Thursday 3-17-10:
Visit Alanna @ Devil's Den

Friday 3-19-10:
Last day at Shaw Elementary.. :(  

After writing out my fab list, I feel so much better- don't you??
Although my list isn't quite as crazy as Audra's crazy week this week! She has basically been in perpetual motion since Monday because she leave for Korea on Monday! So excited for her, but will also miss her tons this summer. We had such good times last summer riding the bike trail, and lounging in the sunshine. Saranghaeyo, Audra! 

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Auggie said...


As soon as I get a skype number set up I'll let you know what it is. You'll be able to call that number from any phone in the US. That way we can still keep in touch and I can continue persuading you to come visit me in Korea! hehe.

I love you so!