Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fabulously Exhausing Day:

Today was fabulous... and exhausting. The title definitely says it all.

2nd grade's programs is going to be great- after lots of hard work on the student's part and our part! Have I mentioned that I love teaching? Just checking...

I had my first official interview today and it was FUN! No matter what the outcome, I am just so blessed to have been able to go through this process. It has been so pleasant and joyful for me. I have great friends... and I think this was God's way of showing me how many amazing people he has placed in my life.

Feeling like a grown up is fun!

Directly (and I mean like.... directly) after my interview, we left to see the Jazz at Lincoln Center and Wynton Marsalis perform at the WAC. (drools) It was basically fantastic- although the bass player definitely was a fav of mine for the night.

They played a composition written by one of the members of the orchestra. It was basically a salute/ode to different artists from the MOMA. I really enjoyed "Pollock" and "Picasso." I'm pretty sure you all know Picasso... but Jackson Pollock is a little less widely known. I didn't even know who he was until my sophomore year of college. Boy had I been missing out. I learned a lot my sophomore year of college.. oye.

Anyhoodle. It is far far passed my bedtime, and tomorrow will be full of fun school stuff, and then Praxis studying with Pam and Jayme. So for now- toodles!

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