Saturday, March 6, 2010

This weather is just ridiculous- and I mean ridiculous in the BEST way! It's sunny with a beautiful breeze and the birds are chirping... I think I feel (/knocks on wood) spring in the air!

We just finished a six or seven mile bike ride and I feel fab. We drove by Central J.H. and a local elementary school. It kind of reminded me of being ten again when I would ride my bike all around my neighborhood. 

Have I told you that I love where we live? There is such a wonderful community here and it just feels like home. I'm glad we decided to buy a home in Springdale. :)

I know what you really want to see! So first I'll share with you a delicious recipe from the fantastic E-Mealz service. 

This was a tasty lemon pepper tilapi dish. Simple and easy!

Chicken Broccoli Fettuccine! Whole wheat pasta noodles, FF mushroom soup and parmesan made for a deliciously low point meal. 

My favorite new Yankee Candle scent: Pineapple Cilantro. I'm pretty sure the 'cilantro' just refers to the color, because it definitely doesn't smell like cilantro. 

Last night we had Eve, Steph, Chris, and Stephanie over for a Wii party. Chris and Stephanie brought their pup Prince (see sleeping dog below). He and Bailey had a stellar time chasing each other around the house and backyard. We've determined the B needs more doggy friends. :)

We loves each other. 

Last week was a loooong week. 

Sleeping dog = sign that good times were had!

That's all folks!! Hubs, Dad and I went to the Promenade today and walked all afternoon. I really wanted a good photo with dad, since it has been since the wedding since we have had one (almost two years!). I'll share the results with ya tomorrow.

Night all!

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