Monday, March 22, 2010


Happiness is not even the word that describes how I feel right now! Let me explain...

Last year, our external hard drive (which I had stored all of our wedding/honeymoon/vacation photos on, went *kaput* for no good reason. I was mortified! Well.. recently I remembered that I had saved them all on to make our photo books; however, to get the photos in full-definition, I would have had to buy the photos on a disk ($40/disk), so I just lived with the fact that they weren't gone forever, and if I needed them again, I could pay to see them!

Well... today I started my "Spring Cleaning" marathon- which began with the computer! Space was becoming  limited and I couldn't quite figure out why (300Gig hard drive and I had 2 gig left). I called dad... and the heavens sang apparently because we figured out that each time we had to reload Windows on my pc (because it's a piece), it saved a digital snapshot of the computer (60gigs per shot) and saved it. MY PICTURES WERE THERE!

So two great things came out of my pc adventures today.. 1) I cleaned up 150 gigs of hard drive space and 2) my pictures are safe and sound!

Can you believe we've almost been married two years?!
Jamaica- Aug. 2008

I had some other exciting things to blog about today (like missing my trip to Mississippi because my immune system decided to stop working) and then feeling better and going to see Chase play with Full House and seeing some terrific people..
and a random snow storm on the first day of Spring.. but really, finding my photos was pretty much the icing on the cake!
However, I know it's pictures you seek. Here are some photos of the pretty snow! Hopefully it will be the last until next winter!

"Mom.. let me in!"

Chase's Snowman

She's so waiting for him to throw a snowball.

Our snowball fight was kind of epic..and B was right in the middle jumping up to catch the snowballs!

More snow?

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