Thursday, April 1, 2010


Um busy much? Spring break = crazy busy.

First dad and I went to Branson, MO and hung out there for a few days. It was super relaxing and nice to spend some time with him!
Ripley's Believe It or Not. Tallest man.. and me. 

Meet Dad. :)

Then Chase and I spent a few days in Little Rock. It was a rad time. 
I learned that I love golf! My father-in-law had an extra set of clubs that he is letting me use while I learn. We had so much fun playing and enjoying the sun with good company Matt. 

We also saw the best movie ever while in LR. The Blind Side was incredible!

It's been kinda nuts around here since we got back. I started my second internship at Helen Tyson Middle School here in Sprindale on Monday. It's cool. So so very different than elementary, but I am working with a stellar cool person, so it's neat.

Today was so gorgeous, so I came home, started dinner and then mowed the lawn. I wish I could have kept going in the yard, (weed the front, trim the trees, etc) butI started losing daylight. Tomorrow it's suppose to rain, so I'm super stoked that I was able to get the lawn mowed before the rainy weekend. Chase has been playing South Pacific this week and will be playing throughout the weekend... which means I get to miss him a whole-heck-of-a-lot this week.

I'm okay with that though.. because he's fun to miss.  He leaves really sweet notes for me to find in the morning (because I go to sleep before he makes it home after the show) and he comes home to eat dinner with me inbetween work and the musical and then helps me clean up after dinner. I love him lots.  He's the greatest.

On Saturday (after the Easter rehearsal at church) I get to hang with the awesome Jayme Spicer (recently engaged to rad Rob Kain). She is going dress shopping- and I am so excited to go with her! They're such a cool couple and I'm kinda stoked for them!

Fun weekend ahead and hopefully some pictures!

Dinner was delish tonight- Southwestern Quiche! I'll post a picture in the recipe post that is to follow.

Anyhoodle. I hope you all enjoyed the fab weather the last two days! Hopefully the rain will be peaceful, and then the sun will be back on Saturday to make everything green!


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