Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dad's and Drapes

It has been an exhausting day. This goober hurt his back yesterday and "thought" he'd be just fine.

 So he waited until today at 11:00am to text me and asked:

Dad:  "So what are you doing after school?"
My reply:  "Nada, just a meeting."
Dad:  "Ok, call me when you can"

So I called at lunch time, and I had JUST told April how much it worries me sometimes that dad lives all alone etc.. and  as soon as he answered the phone, I knew something had happened. Poor guy had been in pain all morning unable to drive to the doctor.

The stinker... I was so upset that he had been laying there all morning hardly able to get around. So anyhoodle, I left school and got up there and we got him to the car and went to the clinic and then they redirected us to the Workman's Comp. clinic. An hour later we have dad some medicine and then not long after that he's asleep from the medicine. It was a seriously pulled muscle somewhere in his lower back. Dad is a pretty tough/stubborn guy, so if he shows he's in pain.. and severe almost pass out pain... then it's gotta be bad.

So say a prayer for him and for my mom because she has had a terrible time with sickness lately and has a pretty severe ear infection/bronchitis! I wish I could rush over there now and take care of her, too. I hate hearing of my family hurting.. so pray that they feel better soon.

On a much happier note- we finally have some drapes in the front room. They look stellar cute. Here's a before/after photo of the living room now.

Here's a look at a few of the new items up close. 

Anyhoodle, there you have it folks!! Have a fab day!


Caroline said...

hope your dad gets better! it's good that he's moved closer though now at least.

love the curtains!

Lisa said...

Hi! I'm from Arkansas bloggers. I hope your dad feels better soon. The drapes look great!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

So glad that your dad has you to call on and knows he can--even if he doesn't want to "bother" you. Room's looking great! C

KBeau said...

Glad you live close enough that you can help your parents out when you're needed. I live in Alabama, and my mother is in Camden, Arkansas. Takes me 7-8 hours to get there. She's also living alone.

Debbie said...

Hope your dad is all better by now. I like the looks of your new drapes...they really brighten up the room.