Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Cleaning:

I am two bathrooms away from being finished with spring cleaning!

I was able to clean/sanitize just about everything today. The list looked somewhat like this:

*sanitize/shine counters/refrigerator/stove/dishwasher
*wipe all cabinets down inside/out
*clean refrigerator
*organize pantry
*organize office closet/desks
*clean/organize spare bedroom
*clean bathrooms
*Windex all windows
*dust baseboards/vacuum around all baseboards
*vacuum sofa (hard core!)
*sanitize all light switches/door knobs

My goal for the future is to someday buy better organization systems for the office. Right now, I have two shelves in the closet that I have my labeled deco boxes of crafts sitting on as well as miscellaneous electronic stuff. I want to purge any of the electronic stuff that is obsolete/we no longer need and use the office primarily as an office/library/craft room. Someday... oh someday.. we'll buy a new desk/bookshelves, too!

The finished product in my dreams would look somewhat like this:

When I finish cleaning the bathrooms, I'll take a few photos of the fresh and clean house for ya. (I know you just can't wait...)

Today has been quite lovely! I played two church services at Bentonville First Baptist, drove home with the windows down, grocery shopped for the week, and spent all day alone in my house! (Chase is playing the last two South Pacific shows today). It's been quite a long time since I have been able to spend an entire day in my home doing as I please. It was smashing.

Coming Soon: 
Clean house pictures!



Auggie said...

Kalyn! Your house is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO lovely! And your new bangs are wonderful too! You're such a beautiful girl! *Hugs* I miss you! I'm glad everything is going well for you!

Lyric said...

What a nice house! I love it :)

Kalyn said...

Thanks friends! It's been a labor of love getting the house back in shape (we've had a house guest for three months), but it feels so comfy now.

Audra- I am so glad everything is going so swell for YOU, too.