Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nom Nom!

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you just want to EAT everything?! Seriously... all I want to do is just eat, eat, eat. I have been hydrating with my 8+oz every day, and eating well balanced meals...and using as many "filling" foods as possible, but seriously... EVERYTHING!

I just want to eat.

I'm not even hungry, but I want to eat. Weird. It has been hard to not gorge myself, but I have been pretty good about staying with healthy/balances meals and no junk.

Friday-Sunday was especially difficult though. Friday, we took Helen Tyson MS kids to Solo and Ensemble, and before we left they served pizza.. That morning, April had brought donuts for the kids (I abstained, thank you) I just drank water while we were at the event, but by the end I was famished... (no healthy snacks in sight... just concession), so when we finally made it back to the band room (8:45) I ate a donut! 7WW points for one silly, delectable Krispy Kreme donut.

I didn't go over points at all that day, but I don't like eating greasy/unhealthy food like that for a main course.

Saturday was the Philharmonic concert and we met our friends at Hugo's before hand. I stuck with chicken and blue cheese... but lovely hubs ordered french fries and I had absolutely no will power. (tisk tisk). Usually I do fabulous at not eating things like that, but I was amped up on nerves about the concert, and stress ate.

Sunday I went over points... it was only by 4 points, but still.. I went over.

Monday = fine.
Tuseday = okay but nom nom...
Today = great, but OMM NOM NOM!

This happened a few weeks ago when we were visiting Little Rock, and I just healthy snacked through it... hopefully I can do the same this week!

Sorry for boring you with my food choices/nommy ness!



Rhonda said...

Hey thanks for following! I just saw where you were a music teacher! How funny...that is my long term sub position. I'm loving it!

Good luck with the eating! I'm trying to be good too. So hard with the Easter candy still around! I need to toss it!

Rhonda said...

Yes, I made the bunny. ;o) Yes, NWA! I actually am subbing in Huntsville. I taught for 6 years, stayed home for 8 with my boys. Now, I am looking to get back into teaching!