Friday, April 16, 2010

An Orff-tastic weekend ahead!

I am traveling to Conway with my coolest, most raddest, red-headed gal pal Kaci today to attend the Artie Almeida Orff Workshop in Conway, AR. ( I also have a coolest, most raddest, red-headed gal pal Jayme who will coincidentally be there tomorrow as well!)

Dr. Artie Almeida teaches in Florida where she has over 1000!! students in her elementary music classroom throughout the week.

Kind of intense? Yes.

Her bio includes lots of amazing things and you should read it here.
Basically, I get to spend time on Saturday learning and playing all types of new fun "games" that hopefully I use in my own classroom *cough cough* when I get a job! *cough cough*

I also think she is cool because her husband is a trumpet player... and we all know how I feel about trumpet players. ;)

Now tell me this doesn't look like fun!

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Caroline said...

Thanks girl! Looks like you had a fun weekend! :)