Friday, April 23, 2010

It's [almost] the weekend!!!

pace was: 1.3 miles / 20.00 minutes.

Not the best time... but it's slowly getting better! It was the first time I have actually timed my run. Usually I just jog/walk through a couple of episodes of Grey's Anatomy on Hulu.

Today is my rest day, and then Saturday I'm going to do a trail run while we're camping at Beaver Lake. Since Chase bought me a super fly pace/runners watch for Valentine's Day (MUCH cooler than chocolates ;) , I'll be able to track like I've been doing at home.

and... thank my lucky stars, it's FRIDAY!

In other news:
I've lost two more pounds this week!!! (Official weigh-in is Sunday, though) That brings my total to 20 lbs!!! Now I'd be happy with 20 more before bikini season... lol. Really though, I feel amazing, and love this gift of life.

God is good.

Two weeks from tomorrow is graduation!! (does a happy dance)

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