Saturday, May 1, 2010

C25K Week 4 done!

Couch to 5k = not so bad!

Here's my little review on what I think so far:

- organized!
- can listen to music while using the app on the iPhone (major plus for me.. I can't run w/o tunes!)
- audible voice cues = good!
- physically possible!

- I've fiddled with the settings quite a bit, but the beeps/lazerbeam sound effects still trip me out when I'm running/listening to music. They're just darn loud when I have my tunes turned up. Turning them off would be a major disadvantage though, because part of what makes it work for me is not visually seeing how much time I have left and just going.
- Although I HOPE that this works for me, I don't know if by the end I'll be able to complete a 5k in 30 minutes (the max time that the runs go during week 9 are 30 minutes..)

In reality, I'm not sure if the program will be 100% successful, but I'll keep going! Going from 17min/mile to under 10min/mile seems pretty cool to me... so that's what I'll strive for!

5 more weeks to go! *I think I can...*

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