Friday, May 28, 2010


Hi guys! Sorry for the little hiatus- I just have been in a funk lately and am FINALLY out of it.

Do you ever just have those weeks where you really question... everything? This week has been my week. I am only out of the funk because I finally subbed in an elementary school again and realized that I have such a passion for those kids. I love them and they rock. It might have helped a little that I got to sub at Shaw... with some of the sweetest/coolest teachers I know. (besides my buddy Kaci who is on her 16th (whhhhat) anniversary trip with her hubs.) (who coincidentally rocks as well )

The last few weeks have been filled with tons of ups and downs, but as I sit here munching on my strawberries, bananas and chocolate pudding... and laughing cow and triscuits (I had an accidentally super small lunch), I can really only think about the things that I am thankful for- and for that I am thankful.

Last Friday I was able to go to a Natural's game with Kaci and her awesome family (Chase had to play with Full House in Gentry), but we had a blast! Photo proof below.

(Apologies for the grainy photos. They were taken with the trusty iPhone)

Later in the week, I took a nice drive out to Lake Wedington! It was such a beautiful afternoon. I definitely could not resist the water. (can you imagine that it rocks, too??)

While there, I actually wore this....

YUP that's a bikini and that's me. I haven't worn one of those since high school. (W to the O O T). Which leads me to my next topic. I lost 3.1 more pounds this week! That makes a total of 28 lbs lost. :) Party on, Wayne. If you're wondering how I did it, I follow the Weight Watcher's plan, and it rocks. I still have a LONG way to go to goal... so don't judge, but why not? Right? Rock.

On a much similar note, I also ran almost 3 miles every other day this week (cross training in between) and DIDN'T WALK! I RAN! It also rocked.

Sorry for the excessive caps, but if you know me, you know that I totally stink at running. Well, apparently not anymore. Next week, I plan on running the full mileage plus a little. Running has become so enjoyable and I actually look forward to my runs... it also rocks.

Now to end the week and celebrate a little, I enjoyed a few of these....

with a few of my gal pals on a friend's patio via candlelight. It was fab. Yes it too did rock.

So really, life doesn't stink- apparently it rocks. :)


Anonymous said...

Uh... you rock!

I'm so impressed with your running... I keep telling myself that I'll get into running someday, but it hasn't happened for me yet. OSU has a 5K in the spring, so maybe I'll try to train for that!

Also... hot bikini. :)

Kalyn said...

I was basically the most pathetic runner.. ever. It's not bad anymore, and I actually crave running! Getting better, too.

You could do it, I'm sure! Your super long legs would be helpful. :P You tall Adams ladies.

Caroline said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! Yahooo! :) I LOVE that bikini, too! You ROCK!

Kalyn said...

Thanks Caro! It is super vibrant and cute in person.. it definitely rocks!

The encouragement really helps me- thanks guys!