Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spring is in the air... literally.


+ wind =


Which is indeed very bad for our yard and makes it look like a porcupine. Which is why we have Tru Green coming this week!

We also grilled a massive amount of meat last weekend. It was fun! Photo proof:
Chicken, fish, pork, and potatoes/corn. Chase ate/took most of this for work last week, but I did indulge in some lean pork and delish fish! Nom?

In less-boring-for-you-news, I changed my blog layout! My friend Caroline recently did a blog-makeover on her own blog, which inspired me to dive in deeper to customize my own. I haven't gotten all snazzified yet, but I did make my own Header! I also added some sweet new tunes to my blog-player. :) (snaps for me)

Anyhoodle, that's all for now.

Here's a picture of Super-Cute-Pup, ftw.

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