Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Sorry for the blog silence!

Last week was a little rough.

I caught "the sickness" aka: norovirus stomach bug, and it knocked me out from Sunday-Wednesday.

I was actually really concerned on Monday because my blood sugar kept dropping, and I was so light headed. When I arrived at the doctor, I was pretty not good.

We were first time patients, and I had paperwork to fill out and Chase was sitting in the car with Connor because I obviously couldn't drive. Thankfully, my friend's husband came and picked up Connor for a few hours while Chase was my amazing nurse. I ended up throwing up in the doctor's office, so he gave me a shot of Phenergan  I don't remember much after getting in the car home. I slept from that afternoon until the next morning.

The next couple days consisted of Chase being Mr. Mom and Nurse... and he was awesome.

It has taken all of a week to actually get caught back up!

We've had two promising showings of our home with good feedback. We are just happily waiting for our buyer to come along. The second showing was last night, and we had some interest from the viewers, so maybe they'll make an offer!

Yesterday was great though. Connor napped until 2:30, and then we cleaned ( C loves to help dust, and vacuum with his own rag and with the attachment to our vacuum) until 6 minutes shy of 5:30.

We excitedly updated our top list of homes last night in Fayetteville. Our goal is to purchase a less expensive house that needs a bit of "fixing up" in Fayetteville. We understandably are going to be getting a house in need of some repairs, so I'm excited to blog about all of the changes coming up in our life. 

Change is great.

Also, in other news... We ate lunch on the counter today. Some days you just pick your battles. It was actually pretty fun for him, and he ate all of his lunch, so I can't complain.

That's all for now. I'm working on a few printables to share with you, so check back soon!!

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