Sunday, February 3, 2013

DIY- Ana White Reclaimed Wood Headboard

Last year, when I joined Pinterest, I began pinning all sorts of fabulous bedroom remodel ideas.

Our bedroom needed it... (excuse our clutter under the bed!)

Because that's what you do on Pinterest.. post ideas and hope that someday you can do them!

Well, while I have no problem trying loads of new recipes, and making fun crafts for Connor; actually doing a building project was something that I (and by I, I mean hubs....) hadn't completed yet.

After pining over this headboard for a year, going to the lumberyard twice to get materials by myself and chickening out... Chase finally helped me build my dream headboard!

When I say "help" I mean he went to Lowe's, got all of the materials, made the cuts, and put it together... I did help stain and move it to the bedroom though.

I DO take full credit for the styling. *ahem*

Here's a little before/after of our bedroom.

Excuse the orange-y tint.. taking photos at 10PM isn't the greatest lighting, but hubs rocked it out regardless.

Total Cost (materials): $100

I am LOVING the headboard. Hubs is kind of amazing...

I won't try to tell you our "how-to" version, because we basically took Ana White's plans and then made  a few minor adjustments to work with our custom bed frame that hubs build a few years ago. They were so easy to follow and pretty detailed!

Also... we're listing our home for sale tomorrow!
We are excited and at peace with the decision. It has been on our hearts 
for a while to move back to Fayetteville. 

It feels real now!
We're optimistic and realistic... but please pray it sells!

Thanks, friends.


the Pulleys said...

LOVE the headboard!! It's fabulous!! He did a great job on it! We made a fabric headboard last year, & there is nothing like the feeling of completing a personal project. Hope the listing of your house is smooth & painless!

I'm Sara. said...

Love the headboard! :) it is beautiful! Also, praying your house sells quickly.