Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A little bit of organization:

It truly goes a long way- organization.

When I organize a tiny little spot in the house, I feel like a new person! The little spot then usually becomes my favorite little nook in the house for about 24 hours until I feel the need to accomplish something else.

Does organizing release endorphins? I'm pretty sure something cray-cray happens when we complete tasks, because I get all kinds of happy.

While I was away in California, I drank in the beautiful scenery and regained some motivation to come home and work on the house. After two months of feeling like projects were never ending, I lost quite a bit of drive to do anything on the house. I wanted it to be finished, but lacked the motivation to do it!

Well California fixed me.

My friends, and the beautiful scenery were the perfect rejuvenating source!

First thing, we have been without a toilet paper holder since we basically moved in. Jessica gave me the fabulous idea to use my Thirty-One Magazine Basket as one! It's PERFECT! Now I need another for the other bathroom. ;)

While I was in California, Chase finished painting the bathroom cabinets. Still need to caulk and touch up some places, but it's 100% better than before! Not sure I want to put doors back on though. I love the open storage concept. They're still in the garage though if I change my mind! I cannot wait to add some Thirty-One Cubes in here, too! 

For now, those are TWO spaces that are on their way to being complete. 

We finished up the bedroom, so I'll post about that soon! It's one of my favorite places now.

We are WORKING on the backyard. It's a slow process, but it already feels more like home!

                                                                Vote: Doors or No Doors?

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Carly said...

No doors! I LOVE the no door look. That also helps me to keep things clean because I don't want to look at messy! :)