Tuesday, May 7, 2013


So March 3rd was a long time ago.

Apparently that's the last day we had any kind of normalcy in our lives, too because I haven't had a moment's chance to post since then.

Today is one of those gloriously beautiful spring days that makes you feel like if every day were just a tenth as productive as days like these, life would be grand and so organized.

Unfortunately, there are days like today, and then there are days like yesterday. I'm thankful for both because they allow me to see beauty in every part of life and APPRECIATE these special days even more when they come along.

Yesterday was rough. All around.

I'm going to share something with you, and please don't cast down the "you're a terrible mother" and "you shouldn't have had kids if you weren't ready to properly raise your child" because we are all mothers, and sisters, and friends... and when people say things like that, it hurts.

But here it goes. Connor is almost 2. We are just now taking the bottle away. ( took it away from 12-15 months, but when we ended up with two weeks of ear infections, it was the only way any of us slept). So he had a bottle before bed every night and every nap.

Last week, he started waking up and asking for more milk... twice... three times. He'd soak through his diapers and then we'd have to change bedding.

Obviously, we needed to take back the bottle.

Yesterday was day two of no bottles, and boy was it rough. Not much sleep the night before, or the night before that, and no nap... and then he wouldn't lay in his bed and go to sleep or he'd come into our room at 1am and want to sleep with us. At 9:00pm, I broke down and laid down with him in our bed and just went to sleep. I wanted to cry! But slept instead. We slept all night, and so did Connor.

So today, Chase let me sleep and he got up with little man. 8am feels like sleeping IN after 6am. So, today.. has been beautiful.

We went to the Farmer's Market, had a Chick Fil A picnic on our front porch, played outside in the front yard for what seemed like days, and then took some pretty photos in a field around the corner from the house. Our first share from the CSA was dropped off, too and now I'm about to go make a delicious lunch with locally grown produce and eggs.

So, just when my days were dark and sleepy, they just as quickly turned around. Connor went to sleep for his nap today without a bottle, and a very few tears. Which makes this momma's heart happy. Not sure how many more tears I could take today without shedding a few of my own.

With moving to a new house ( oh YEAH), remodeling said house (STILL working on that...), unpacking (still working on that, too) and working our photography, and my Thirty-One, things have been hectic.

We are so ready to have some sort of routine again in our lives, and for C's sake, I hope that comes soon. His behavior is so much more predictable when we have a routine and are settled.

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Debbie Wegner said...

OMG, do NOT worry too much about the bottle, just keep doing what you are doing. Chris was about 2 years also before he would give up his pacifier. And there was no way I was going without it! We replaced his pacifier regularly (He would only take one certain one) until magically one day, when his current one had dried up and died, he spit it out, and that was that. My advice is to just keep weaning him as best you can, but when he is done, he will let you know. You are a good mother. Guilt sucks, but that's the nature of being a mother, suck it up, get used to it and love him to death.