Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cavalier Crawfish Boil 2013

Since the year Chase and I started dating, his family has put on an annual crawfish boil. This year was our 6th year celebrating with them, and true to tradition, it did not disappoint.

There's just something special about being around your family and creating traditions and memories that makes my little heart so happy.

Helping Angie put up decorations!

Appetizers... that Connor later dumped on the ground. Thankfully they were almost all gone.

Looks good, right???

Pretty much sums him up. ;)

He's the bomb.

First entire Cavalier family photo since our wedding in 2008!

He wanted in so so badly!

My mother-in-law has the prettiest garden.

 So there's a little recap of the day.

So glad my dad could come again this year. Love seeing how awesome he is with Connor. When none of us could get him to take a nap, Grandpa could.

Nothing like Grandpa cuddles.

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