Tuesday, May 7, 2013

*See the sun shining in the window...*

While we enjoyed the day today, we took a little walk around the corner to a budding field of wild flower weeds.

They are quite possibly the prettiest weeds ever.

I remember in high school, my friend Shirley (shirleykayphotography.com) who was back then just emerging as a profound photographer, introduced me to a field of these beauties. I'm always on the lookout for more now!

After, I decided to snap a few details of the house. While it's not finished yet, we have done quite a bit!

We joined Brandon Mt. Farms CSA and boy am I excited about fresh local goods every week! In this week's haul there were two irises.... <3 br="">

I stuck them in with my backyard goodies I picked yesterday.

My growing vintage Pyrex collection. After we paint the cabinet white, I need to figure out a better arrangement. For now, everything is cozy and safe.

Happy houseplants = happy home. 

I think my favorite part of spring is the sunshine. It is infectious after a long winter!

It' brings to mind this song (which has special meaning in my heart from Walker...):

See the sun shining in the window
Time to start a new day
Can't you hear the songbird singing
I'd like to sing out loud today

Cause its a beautiful day
For running in the sun
A beautiful day
Has just begun
A beautiful day
And I want to share it with you

What's your favorite part about spring? 

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