Thursday, June 13, 2013

BBQ for Turning 2: Connor's 2nd Birthday Party

The end of June is quickly approaching, which means party planning momma mode is engaged...

Two days ago while browsing the Target $1 bins, I found the cutest BBQ party decor. I decided then that a backyard celebration with kid pools, our pool, a firepit, s'mores, and burgers sounded like a great time for family and friends and kids alike!

I know Connor could play all day outside, and he loves being in the backyard, so it sounded perfect.

He's also leaving for Grammie's next week, so I plan to spend my days cleaning up, organizing, painting, and decorating for the big weekend!

Last night, I whipped up invitations in Photoshop, and they should be arriving today or tomorrow from Millers.

Just thought I'd share with you the end product.

If you haven't received a FB invite, or paper invite, and would like to come, please do! I have a hard time thinking of everybody we'd like to have here right now!

 I'm leaving off our personal invitation on this publicly viewed page, but if you know us, you know where we live and how to get in touch with us!!


Lyndsey said...

VERY cute!

Kalyn Cavalier said...

Thank you, Lyndsey!!!

Reba said...

Very fun! I can't believe he is going to be 2!