Saturday, January 19, 2013

2013 Mommy Project

I've gone back and forth about where to blog this project.

One one hand, it's about photography, so would bode well on our photography blog, but on the other hand, it's about our family. Capturing our moments.

So it has landed here instead!

The project is called 2013 Mommy Project by 516 Photography. The goal is to capture more of our own family's memories. Each week for the year of 2013, there is a different theme. There is a flickr group to post photos, and 516 might even share your photo on their blog/facebook each week, too!

This really hits home because we have begun making our days about photographing other families, and so it's nice to remember to keep the camera handy and to capture some of our own memories more often, too.

We missed the first two weeks, but we did a catch-up of sorts this week.

It's such a beautiful day, and the sun was shining in through the windows, so today we had a lot of photo fun.

Week 1 | Teaching

Week 2 | Playing

Week 3 | Musical

Thanks, 516 Photography for such a wonderful concept. 


I'm Sara. said...

Got caught up on your blog tonight! :) love this photography challenge and can't wait to see what you come up with.

Kalyn Cavalier said...

Thanks, Sara!! I have enjoyed your posts this week!! We might try cloud dough tomorrow if the weather is still warm enough. (I'm not sure if I'm ready for a really happy mess inside... but I'm getting there!)

Jessica said...

Beautiful photos :) So happy to have you as part of the project!