Wednesday, January 23, 2013


What a beautiful week it has been!

55* in January??

We have been playing outside so much the last few days because of how unseasonably warm it has been.

Today, we drove to Fayetteville to go to the gym (C loves going and walks straight to the child care door when we enter), but unfortunately their child care worker was out sick this morning. So we couldn't stay.

Connor was not quite prepared to leave so quickly, but we sat for a moment and I told him we couldn't stay and why, and that we would go to the park instead to play outside.

When I say the word "outside" he gets so happy.

We played at Wilson Park for almost two hours and made some new friends.

When C plays, I try to just stand back and let him figure things out. Today he figured out how to go down the park slides all by himself. He has figured out our slide at home, but I wasn't sure he'd be able to get up to these slides since they're higher and a little different. I don't know why I worry. He was up and down in like 5 seconds...

C has also been eating much better lately and ate a hearty fruit salad snack, and all of his lunch. Praise for this because we have to go back to the pediatrician in a couple of weeks because he hadn't gained any weight at his last two check-ups!

Yesterday we had a nap strike at the Cavalier house; however, I think C just went to dream land, so I'm going to go get busy, and then maybe have a quick rest!!

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