Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wild Blue Yonder

One of my close friends moved away today to Mississippi. Her hubs has been in Mississippi (Air Force) and she is finally going to be with him! She and I met our freshman year in the RMB almost five years ago and have been friends ever since. We equal 2/3 of the "Magic 3."

 To celebrate her new move and life, we had some girls over for a fondue party/girl's night. It was so relaxing after a long week of finals to just be with friends. I love you girls.

Mindy, I'm going to miss you tons but I cannot wait to visit in Mississippi!


Rachel came to see Mindy.

      Mindy stirring the cheese!

Yummy spread!

Everybody minus Steph!

My sweater didn't agree with the fondue.. I dropped cheese/chocolate on there on more than one occasion..


Lying by the fire watching 'Nightmare Before Christmas!'

Love you!

Miss Suki being cute!

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