Friday, December 4, 2009

Most Wonderful Time.... do get stuff done!

I am the queen of lists. Well... basically, anyway.

Right now I can't really concentrate on much except what I have left to do before next Wedneday. Here's what's left so far.

* take transcripts, shot records, scores to NWACC
* ship back my VS stuff that I'm returning
* Paper and Resume for Adv. Comp (lame, I know)
* Study for us history test and quiz
* Turn in last two recital programs
Rehearsal and performance for dessert theater at church
* Hanging of the Green at church on Sunday

After Wednesday I just have this:
* Progressive Dinner Wednesday
* Philharmonic rehearsal Thursday
* Philharmonic performance Saturday
* Rat Pack with family on Sunday afternoon to watch Chase!
* Sunday Evening Dinner/ Baking with Mindy and friends
* US History final Tuesday 15th
* Play on Amy's jury Tuesday 15th
* Bake lots of goodies!

Then.. I will be FINISHED with classes FOREVER!

Sorry for putting you through that. This is really for my sanity.

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