Friday, December 11, 2009

Progressive Dinner and the aftermath:

On Wednesday, (dead day),we the ladies of SAI had our traditional Progressive Dinner. If you don't know what a progressive dinner is, it is where a group starts at one location with drinks/appetizers, moves to another location for soup/salad, another for main course and then lastly another location for dessert. Well, dessert was at my house this year and I had so much fun baking and preparing for my lovely sisters! So blessed to have such a wonderful group of ladies to share times like this with.

With the majority of my stress gone, I got to finally spend a nice morning in my kitchen all by myself making yummy, delicious, diabetic coma inducing, treats.

First up were white almond bark covered pretzels:

Second was the 'Puppy Chow'

The last two desserts I made were my Mamaw's homeade chocolate merengue pie and spiced apples! Things got a little hectic at the end, so I missed the photo op. I did; however, get a few cute pictures of Bailey Anne and a few sisters.

(she who ended up with her nose in the last half of my chocolate pie which resulted in a panicked mom calling the veterinarian)

We're ready for Christmas! (gotta love our little tree this year)

Helena and Chrissy!

Our little after party later that evening!

Time to go shower for work! I am so ready for an evening at home relaxing with my pup! Chase has been playing in the Rat Pack at the WAC and Patrick Hession is playing lead trumpet. Chase was a little rattled on Tuesday evening when he first found out, but he's been playing really well since then! So proud of my hubs!

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