Tuesday, December 8, 2009

E-mealz = E-goodness!

Somehow I stumbled upon the greatest website known to man.. er woman. Also known as e-mealz. I was perusing Dave Ramsey's site and somehow stumbled upon this wonderful website! The goal of the e-mealz program is to eliminate excess groceries, present well balanced meals, and overall help budget your budget! I LOVE it.

Tomorrow I'm going to print off my pre-made grocery spreadsheet with room for me to add my own personal items in and see how much I can save through well planned meals/shopping. (don't forget my coupons, too!!!)

If you're at all into planning well balanced meals, and are a little OCD about organization, this site is awesome. 


Caroline said...

omg i have to check this out!! thanks for sharing! :) eric did the dave ramsey series, so he's always talking about that, too!

Lyric said...

wow! i love that they have publix on there, that is the only grocery store i have nearby. thanks!