Saturday, December 5, 2009

What's Happening:

So during the midsts of the below mentioned activites, Chase and I have been pretty busy with things here at home! Chase bought a metal lathe and has been working hard trying to learn all about making neat things like... stuff. I got a treadmill and am loving it (recently too cold to run outside) and we have been staying busy with various extra musical performances and holiday plans!

Chase's Lathe.. that he makes stuff with :)

He's so cute..

My treadmill- that I run on!

Yummy turkey sausage, bell pepper, and onion for my rigatoni.


Tonight's dinner. Rigatoni and salad!

I cook and he cleans... sometimes. :-D

Love my hubs.

Every Christmas we have been together we have made an ornament. This makes our third ornament!

I'll try to get pictures of all of the past ones we have made. They're pretty cute. The first one Chase made as a gift to me. It's the Empire State Building + 2007 made out of the little melty beads. Last year I made a Santa hat wit our initials and the date 2008 and this year is Mr. Gingerbread man.

That's all folks! I'll keep my extreme list updated! Stay tuned.

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