Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mm Mm Good!

For family Christmas gifts this year, we opted for a more personal gift. The gift of baked goods! They're delicious, and embody the sense of giving of yourself and you time. I am very excited about baking! Here's a list of what I'm baking/cooking/preparing. In between, I'm making dinner tonight and tomorrow, but that is easy with the help of E-Mealz!!! :)

* Chex Mix (or Trash as my Mamaw called it)
* Chocolate covered pretzels (again)
* Peppermint Bark
* York Peppermint Brownies
* Sugar cookies with the kids' names on them
* Super easy fudge

I also made another batch of Puppy Chow last night for small snack bags.

Tonight we're having something called "Company Chicken" and it sounds delicious! On a really really cool note, Chase got an unexpected bonus this month at work, and we are saving most of it for our snowball, but Chase surprised me with a few really, really sweet gifts.

First was the Harry Potter DVD which we watched last night.. love it! Second was a new yoga mat, because I am really into yoga these days (so is Bailey lol). The next one was a seriously cool temperature gauge that tells the outdoor temperature, indoor temperature, weather forecast, time and date. I usually always ask Chase what the weather is like in the morning. :) Last was my favorite because I have wanted one for quite some time!
*drum roll*

a Crock Pot!!!!

Here's a picture of my loot. Hubs really went above and beyond. What a surprise it was to come home from a long day to this.

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